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Chris Baker, Austin TX

 I noticed a couple of pieces on display that I wanted. The entire time it took to purchase the items was less time than it would have taken to fill out an online order form with autofill on. Afterword’s I received the items way before expiations and in a middle of a flood. Everything was in pristine mint condition and no water damage. I was extremal impressed. Thanks 

Melvin Tomas, Round Rock TX

 He sold me an SH Figuarts Harley Quinn cheaper than what the comic book stores sell it for. Also, it arrived when he said it would. 

Mike Isenberg, Seattle WA

 They've got the good stuff!!!! Some of these are hard to find. 

Darren Westenhaver, Cedar Park TX

 The only things that might surpass Joel's passion for providing good inventory is his effort to deliver a good customer experience and his integrity. Located in Twin Falls, you will love this comic book store!

Seth Estrada


Joel works harder than your own mom to keep you happy.

Go ahead, ask me how I know.

But also, Scramble City Comics has way better stuff than all the other collectible shops.

Yeah, ask me how I know that too.

You see, in a world full of internet "experts", cream rises faster than ever- if you know what cream is.

Remember 💩 floats too.

Be like Joel/Scramble City Comics.

Be cream.

Not 💩.

Harrison Phelps

 I love this place, I want to see it succeed always 

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