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Free Comic Book Day


Joel, the owner, is a great fellow. He is very friendly and helpful. If you want a pro to help you sell rare comics and rare vintage toys you can't go wrong asking him to help sell your valuable collectables. He does an awesome job!

- Facebook Customer

Joel works harder than your own mom to keep you happy. Go ahead, ask me how I know. But also, Scramble City Comics has way better stuff than all the other collectible shops. Yeah, ask me how I know that too. You see, in a world full of internet "experts", cream rises faster than ever- if you know what cream is. Remember 💩 floats too. Be like Joel/Scramble City Comics. Be cream. Not 💩.

- Seth Estrada

The only things that might surpass Joel's passion for providing good inventory is his effort to deliver a good customer experience and his integrity.

- Darren Westenhaver

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